Vehicle Accidents


Commercial and passenger vehicle accidents often result in serious bodily injury, permanent disability, or loss of life. The involvement of passengers and innocent bystanders further complicates matters, as injuries resulting from vehicle accidents are rarely limited to the drivers. The determination of liability and identification of other factors that could have caused or contributed to the accident requires careful consideration and a high level of expertise.

Regardless of the accident specifics, Envista's vehicle accident reconstruction experts are able to scientifically answer the following questions:

  • Did excess speed contribute to the accident?
  • Were the vehicle's airbag and seat belt systems functioning properly?
  • Did the driver have enough time to perceive the hazard and avoid the collision?
  • Were the vehicle's braking and/or steering systems functioning properly?
  • Were there any other factors that caused or contributed to the accident?

Our clients rest assured knowing that Envista is committed to utilizing the expertise of certified commercial vehicle accident reconstruction specialists to identify all of the circumstances following an accident. In addition to determining the speed of each vehicle, we are also able to obtain confirmation of pre-impact vehicle speeds by retrieving and downloading pre-crash vehicle blackbox data. Our work includes determination of whether or not seat belts, headlights, or turn signals were in use at the time of the accident.