Fire Origin and Cause

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According to the NFPA, fires in the United States in 2016 resulted in 3,390 fatalities, more than four times as many injuries and an estimated $10.6 billion in direct property loss. With the staggering exposures to life and property, the cause of every fire and explosion must be carefully investigated. Our teams of fire investigation experts have the knowledge required to conduct and manage complex fire investigations. We have the experience needed to steer the investigation from the initial site inspection through expert courtroom presentations.

Forensic Fire Investigators

Envista’s fire investigations are prompt, detailed and professional, covering a broad range of incidents, including:

Our investigations are multidisciplinary; we draw upon expertise in fire science, engineering, and chemistry to find the cause, and we communicate our findings in a clear, concise manner that can be readily understood by non-technical individuals. To aid in that process, some of our investigators use 3D scans through Matterport technology to provide quicker answers, produce models for scene documentation and evidence, while providing more of a "real-time" experience review of a scene without ever having to leave your desk. Learn more about this capability

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