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Vehicle Accident Reconstruction

Commercial and passenger vehicle accidents often result in serious bodily injury, permanent disability, or loss of life. The involvement of passengers and innocent bystanders further complicates matters, as injuries resulting from vehicle accidents are rarely limited to the drivers. Determining liability and identifying factors that could have caused or contributed to the accident requires careful consideration and a high level of expertise.

Regardless of the accident specifics, Envista Forensics' vehicle accident reconstruction experts can answer the following questions:

  • Did the driver lose control of the vehicle from traveling too fast for the road conditions or due to other issues, such as fatigue or distraction?
  • Was there a sudden cargo shift or traffic flow interruption?
  • Did the vehicle's airbag and seat belt systems function as intended?
  • Did the driver have enough time to perceive the hazard and avoid the collision?
  • Did the vehicle's braking and/or steering systems function correctly?
  • Did other factors cause or contribute to the accident?
  • Were there relevant recalls on the vehicle's make and model?
  • Has the vehicle been adequately inspected and maintained by trained professionals?

Our clients rest assured knowing that Envista Forensics' certified vehicle accident reconstruction specialists have extensive expertise when it comes to identifying the circumstances of a vehicle accident.

Tools for Accident Reconstruction

Depending on the vehicle's year and manufacturer, our experts may be able to retrieve and download pre-crash event data recorder (black box) data to confirm information even if a vehicle is badly damaged in a crash, including:

  • Vehicle speed
  • Brake and throttle application
  • Steering inputs
  • Whether seat belts were used
  • Impact severity
  • Whether the airbags deployed

Also, tools like computer simulation and animations can be used to analyze further and reconstruct an accident using a dynamic environment, which can provide more insight into the incident.

Envista's vehicle accident reconstruction specialists can help you find the origin and cause of an accident and provide a valuable perspective on moving forward. Our experts can also act as expert witnesses to provide valuable and objective insight, information, and testimony.

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