Working at Envista FAQ

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Any move in your career can make you pause, reflect, ask questions, or make you nervous, but we are here to help answer any and all your questions as best we can. Here are some of the most common ones we’re asked when on-boarding.

1. What is the culture like at Envista?

Envista has the feel of a small company with caring leaders and coworkers that make you feel like family. At the same time, this small company saw exponential growth and we’re now a large organization backed by a larger enterprise. So it’s big company with a small company feel. We encourage out of the box thinkers and pride ourselves on putting training, and developing our employees, first on the list! We want you to grow here.

When new employees come to Envista, many mention "the culture" as one of the things that drew them here, and that very sentiment gives us pride, and speaks for itself.

2. What is the day to day like?

No day is the same at Envista. With the nature of our work, and our global presence, you will never feel stuck doing the same things over and over. The variety is endless, and the best part is having the ability to be a part of an organization who helps others solve intricate matters when they need help the most.

3. How much will I travel?

This depends on your position at Envista. If you are part of supporting staff, you may not travel much. Sales staff, engineers and experts, however, travel quite a bit. If you are an engineer, you will not work a normal 9-5pm but you will travel throughout the country working some pretty amazing matters, and many times, internationally as well.

4. What are the benefits?

Read more in our benefits section.

5. What is the philosophy of the senior leadership?

Our people come first. If you've ever heard the many quotes surrounding this philosophy: Take care of your employees, and your employees will take care of your clients; this is at the heart and soul of Envista. This is a company rooted firmly in hiring like-minded individuals who share a common goal of working hard, being passionate, and caring about what they do and how they help others. 

We strive to have expertise for any need that may arise, and to also teach and educate when and where we can, which is why we devote energy toward not only hiring the best in the industry, but also continuing to develop them. And that coincides with equipping them with, and staying abreast of, new technologies that may present creative ways to solve complex, technical issues for our clients.