Machine Guarding


The loss of life and limb is a serious matter. The investigation of accidents involving moving machinery is serious business as well. Let our experts find the answers to the hard questions: Did the employee take an unnecessary risk? Did the employer put the employee at risk? Was the equipment poorly designed at the start?

Envista mechanical engineers have designed machine guards, been responsible for ensuring they stay in place, and maintaining them while in use. When they investigate, they are just not going through the motions. The consequences of these investigations are not taken lightly and we take our responsibility seriously.

Our investigations can consider many things. These include:

  • The design of the guarding. Will it provide the intended function? Is it designed such that it cannot easily be removed?
  • The installation of the guarding? Was it properly installed?
  • The condition of the guards? Do they regularly inspect the equipment and do they check that the guards are still in place?
  • Do the machine guards create a greater hazard? Do they lead to the potential someone will try to avoid them and end up injured?
  • Are there labels and warnings on the machine to tell the employee that the guards need to remain in place? Are the warnings in more than one language? Do they need to be in more than one language?
  • Were the employees trained on the operation of the equipment irrespective of the guards?
  • Are there safety features that prevent the machine from operating if the guard is removed?

Once the accident occurs, the employee needs to be interviewed, the equipment needs to be taken offline, and any other supporting evidence needs to be preserved. Need help dealing with the investigation? Call us at Envista at +1 847 559-3000.