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Machine Guarding Consultants

The loss of life and limb is a serious matter. The investigation of injury accidents that involve moving machinery is not just serious, but also a sensitive matter that may have to involve other aspects, including business interruption, employee morale, or potential liability.

Our experts and engineers have extensive experience in complex machine guarding cases including discovery, evaluating the cause of damage, collecting evidence, and expert witness and litigation support.

Envista's machine guard experts can help find the answers to common questions surrounding these events, such as:

  • Did the machine have adequate machine guarding appropriate for the risks?
  • Was the machine installed and operated the way it was designed?
  • Were operation and maintenance manuals available and adequate?
  • Were the operators, bystanders, or employers aware of the risks?
  • Did the operator's employer provide adequate training?
  • Did an employee take an unnecessary risk?
  • Did the employer put their employees at risk?

Machine Guarding Expert Witness

Envista's forensic experts come from a diverse background of engineers who have been responsible for the design, maintenance, or operation of machinery and guarding. Our engineers investigate incidents that involve injury with compassion and have the appropriate skills and experience to investigate the facts impartially and thoroughly.

During their investigations, our experts may consider:

  • The design and intended function of the machine
  • The location and type of installed machine guards
  • Maintenance procedures
  • Inspection schedules
  • The ease of removing guards
  • Guard condition
  • Risks posed by machine guards
  • Known or apparent risks
  • Labels and warnings
  • Training
  • Safety features

Machine Safety Guard Consulting

Once an incident that involves machinery has happened, the machines involved should be removed from service to preserve the area for subsequent investigation. When appropriate, the involved employees and witnesses would be interviewed, and other relevant data collected for further review. Envista's experts are prepared to investigate the area of the incident, handle evidence, and conduct interviews to determine the facts surrounding the incident and provide an opinion regarding cause or liability.

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