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Equipment Damage Consulting

Equipment damage claims can be catastrophic for policyholders and extremely complicated for insurers to navigate. Our team of global multi-disciplinary equipment damage consultants includes niche subject matter experts, highly specialized equipment engineers, rotating machinery and industrial equipment experts, and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) specialists.

Envista's equipment damage consulting experts assess the site as quickly and thoroughly as possible, precisely predicting, inspecting, and communicating potential exposure. We provide an accurate, detailed level of reporting, advice, and consultation to get our clients back in production as soon as possible.

Envista's access to high-resolution digital cameras, IR/thermal cameras, Matterport laser scanning equipment, 4k resolution drone cameras, and high-accuracy measurement software allows for complete, detailed, and accurate documentation of the loss location.

Equipment Damage Consulting Services

We can handle losses that arise from age-related wear and tear, breakdown, chemical contamination, equipment failure, fire, lightning, power surge, power outage data corruption, data loss, operator error, water intrusion, and more. Our experienced, industry-leading equipment consultants and engineers provide comprehensive post-loss assessments, services, and guidance with quick, responsive communication.

Our equipment expertise includes, but is not limited to:

  • Causation conclusions and reporting
  • Cost estimation
  • Determining reinstatement options
  • Expert witness and litigation support
  • Locating salvage buyers
  • Providing future joint laboratory analysis of evidence
  • Repair and replacement analysis
  • Salvage potential
  • Scope and extent of damage
  • Validation of restoration work
  • Verifing cause of damage and/or contamination
  • Wipe sample analysis to quantify contamination
  • Chemical analysis of engine fluids (i.e. oil, glycol)
  • Determining expected useful life of the equipment
  • Determining scope and extent of damage
  • Lightning verification
  • Project managing recovery efforts
  • Providing reinstatement cost estimates
  • Researching/calculating ACV
  • Securing and storage of evidence
  • Supporting subrogation efforts
  • Vendor coordination for pricing/proposal validation
  • Warranty options and reinstatement
Need an Equipment Consultant?

Envista’s multi-disciplinary team can collaborate through real-time video conferencing during onsite inspections.

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Case Study
adobestock 178073396
Water Damage to a Surgical Suite
Envista was retained to determine the cause and extent of damage to a surgical suite and storage room filled with medical equipment were exposed to water due to an overhead pipe break.
adobestock 178073396
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