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HVAC and Boiler Damage Assessment

HVAC and boiler systems are extremely complex, critical systems that require detailed investigation and analysis when a failure occurs. Failures of these systems can be expensive and will often cause significant business interruption and loss of productivity. Additionally, HVAC failures can be extremely dangerous and result in serious property damage or injury.

HVAC Failure Analysis

Envista's equipment loss consultants and engineers are specialized in investigating and assessing the root cause of HVAC and boiler failures. We work with adjusters, attorneys, manufacturers, vendors, and facilities to understand the failure and the causal factors, and potentially responsible parties contributing to the failure.

During an investigation, our experts evaluate:

  • The cause of the incident
  • If the cause of the loss was due to design error
  • If the cause of failure was due to a construction defect
  • What the service and maintenance records for the equipment reveal
  • If there is there subrogation potential in the loss

HVAC Damage Assessment and Repair Analysis

Our experts have experience working with all involved parties and leveraging relevant engineering expertise to return systems back to operation and help reduce business interruption.

HVAC Claim Experts

Our expert equipment loss consultants have holistic training to provide clients with a thorough, competent failure investigation and resolution following an HVAC or boiler failure. Envista works with the insured and their contractors from start to finish to return systems to operability as soon as possible, and our global footprint allows our team to immediately assist, reducing the potential for further damage or the possibility of injury.

Envista's expertise can help resolve claims by:

  • Determining the extent of damage to the equipment/system
  • Determining the scope of damage and working with owners and vendors to get an agreement on repair/replacement scope
  • Analyzing repair/replacement cost to determine like kind and quality equipment, as well as the reasonableness of cost
  • Obtaining competitive bids
  • Determining Actual Cash Value (ACV)
  • Determining a reasonable time of repair/replacement
  • Assisting in obtaining commercial salvage value
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