Fire Investigation

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When fires occur it is a tragedy for everyone.  Let us help you perform the Cause and Origin investigation to determine where and how the fire truly started.  Our investigators (CFI, CFEI, CFVI and professional engineer investigators as well) have investigated thousands of fires over the years. Envista experts have been involved with local police departments, fire departments, the ATF, IAAI, and other organizations over the years to become some of the best fire cause and origin investigators out there. These experts also teach others how to become certified fire investigators – making them well qualified to investigate your fire.

Sometimes the investigations take only a day or two before the cause is determined.  Other times, sifting through the fire scene may take weeks to determine the sequence of events. We can team our fire cause and origin investigators along with our experienced engineering fire experts to determine if a faulty product cause the fire, or if a wiring problem existed within the facility, or if the cause of the fire may be arson.

Our experience is broad and covers a number of topic areas.  These include

  • Cause and origin determination for residential fires
  • Examination of complex products to evaluate their potential to have caused the fire.
  • The investigation of process plant fires.
  • Dust explosions (coal, grain dust, etc.)
  • Natural gas explosions
  • Spontaneous ignition
  • Pyrophoric materials

Our experts also have litigation experience.  If the fire leads to subrogation or a lawsuit, you will want an experienced investigator from the start to make sure you know the true cause and origin when one can be determined.