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Fire Investigation

No matter the size or severity of the fire, Envista's goal is to provide a high-quality and seamless investigation from the initial site inspection, through the claims process, evidence handling, and any potential subrogation or litigation support necessary.

Having investigated thousands of fires over the years, Envista fire experts can help perform origin and cause investigations to determine where and how the fire truly started. Our CFI, CFEI, and CFVI certified professional fire investigators have been involved with local police departments, fire departments, the ATF, IAAI, and other organizations over the years to become some of the best fire origin and cause experts out there.

Fire Origin and Cause Expertise

Our multi-disciplinary team has worked on massive origin and cause investigations, from multi-million-dollar cases to $500 million cases, at manufacturing facilities, warehouses, power production, refineries, and more. From loss of life to loss of business, we've been there for our clients, and their clients, through the worst of times.

Our fire experts can assist you with: 

Our team's experience and expertise in forensic fire investigation is broad and covers several areas including:

  • Origin and cause
  • Examination of complex products
  • Investigation of process plant fires
  • Dust explosions (coal, grain dust, etc.)
  • Natural gas explosions
  • Spontaneous ignition
  • Pyrophoric materials

In addition to our fire investigation expertise, our experts have years of litigation experience if the fire leads to subrogation or a lawsuit. Envista can equip you with an experienced investigator from the start to make sure you know the true origin and cause when one can be determined.

Did you know?

The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud estimates the cost of fraudulent insurance claims to exceed $80 billion every year. If insurance fraud were its own industry, it would rank 17th among the Fortune 500 in yearly income.

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