Digital Forensics Solutions for Corporations

The impact of the digital age on how we work and live is tremendous. Countless forms of electronically stored data exist today, including digital records of many of our activities. 

In the corporate world, an immense amount of information can be gleaned from a text messages, voicemails, emails, or database files. And for lawyers, an entire legal case can be won or lost based on a single data record.

Designed to Help Clients Uncover the Truth: 

The New Revolution of Digital Evidence


 Corporate and legal sectors use this technology for cases surrounding:

  • Improper device usage
  • Bad faith
  • Data theft and exfiltration
  • IP/Sensitive data
  • Electronic tampering
  • Deleted file recovery
  • Assessment of anti-forensic and deletion tools

Envista Forensics assists clients from the onset of an incident or suspicion through the consultation phase, acquisition phase, examination phase, analysis phase, to forensic reporting and even testimony in matters regarding:

How do our digital forensics services work?

  • Consultation - Our experts perform a thorough consultation to determine how our digital forensics and cyber expertise can best serve you, and the best next course of action. 
  • Acquisition – Using forensic tools and methodologies, data is collected from electronic sources in accordance with digital forensics best practices and industry standards, ensuring that the integrity of the data is above reproach and will hold up in court.  Acquisitions can be performed on-location and remotely. 
  • Examination - During an examination, we first preserve electronic data by acquiring various media and creating forensic copies. We then utilize specialized forensic technology and methods to analyze and examine the data. 
  • Analysis Using specialized forensic technology and methods, our experts examine the data, including the recovery of deleted data.  In our in-depth analysis process, we seek to accurately determine what occurred, how it occurred, and who the responsible parties could be.
  • Reporting - At the completion of the analysis, at the client’s request, we provide a comprehensive report and explain and translate all difficult concepts into plain language. 
  • Expert Testimony - Should the matter go to court, our team has extensive experience in providing expert testimony. We have the ability to explain forensic procedures, digital artifacts and technological concepts in a compelling and accessible way to the courts and jurors.