Rotating Machinery


Stop a minute and consider all of the rotating machinery around you: motors, generators, engines, pumps, turbines, and the list goes on. These pieces of equipment are complex, expensive, and often break. Envista has extensive experience investigating failures of rotating machinery. These incidents can be financially catastrophic, in addition to the physical damage created as a result of the failure.

Consider turbines that rotate at thousands of revolutions per minute (RPMs). These systems consist of bearings, lubrication systems, and specially designed turbine blades and are often connected to motor-generator sets. These turbines may be propelled by steam or combustion gases (natural gas). Things as simple as too wet of steam or small oil droplets in the natural gas itself can lead to unexpected failures of the turbine blades. The fatigue failure of a turbine blade can be catastrophic when one considers the speed of rotation and the size of the turbine blade. The blade fails and becomes a projectile inside the turbine. Failures can occur due to:

  • Too high of vibrations for the system.
  • Failure of other support systems (lubrication)
  • Improper startup or shutdown sequences.