Matterport Experience

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Our New Vision For Forensic Investigations is Here

Are you Ready to See the Bigger Picture?


When analyzing photos from a claim or case, have you ever wished there was a way to easily go back and review without going on-site?

3D Matterport Gallery 

With our 3D modeling, powered by Matterport, we can offer a full-site inspection in a real-time dollhouse view. Plus, through Google Play and Apple's app store options, you can view site scans in virtual reality and walk right in from the comfort of your home or office.

For VR Viewing

  1. Click on the Google Play icon below to view in VR.
  2. Download Matterport VR from your app store.
  3. Scan the code on your Google Cardboard to sync your device.
  4. Set your device in your Google Cardboard. It's that easy!

After the Fire, A Walk-Through Experience

3D Model Residential Fire

 Residential Fire Scene Documentation, U.S.

Residential Fire Scene Documentation, Accidental, North Carolina, U.S.