360-Degree Site Scans with Matterport Technology

Today, 3D imaging and onsite modeling are not necessarily considered the future. It’s already happening, for a lot of different reasons, it’s just now a lot more accessible. Forensic investigators all over the world have started to embrace 3D technology because of what it can deliver to claims and litigation clients—in record time.

It can be used to help document and support investigations surrounding:

  • CAT claims
  • Structure failure
  • Construction disputes
  • Fire, explosion, or arson
  • Marine claims
  • Among many others…

Advantages of 3D Site Scan

With reduced field time, quicker processing, faster client turnaround, and reduced fraud, this piece of equipment has radically changed property claims, forensic investigation, and liability as we know it. Here’s why:

  • It allows you to “walk” the loss site as many times as you want.
  • Multiple parties can view evidence together, in real-time.
  • Investigators can conduct remote inspections and consultations.
  • It delivers the ability to easily capture inventory, damage assessment, and make plans for remediation all off-site.
  • It reduces multiple-party exposure to hazardous materials or unsafe conditions.
  • It includes an automatic floor plan for discovery/evidence.
  • It produces solid 3D documentation to assist with liability/fault, as well as origin, cause and extent of damage.

3D Modeling Credibility and Time Stamp

With Matterport, every scan point is time-stamped and all dimensions are exceptionally accurate—within 1 percent.

This type of credibility is needed in matters of litigation, to prove who was at fault. 3D Scans also allow juries to better "experience" the claim, and in real-time.

Quick precision to obtain answers helps all involved parties, as it allows claims to be resolved with more speed and accuracy, and the policyholder to get back in business faster. This is especially true when repairs need to happen prior to the claim being paid, as there is a full record of the site prior to any reconstruction.

For more information on our 3D Matterport services (as part of our forensic investigation), contact our fire investigators today.

View our Case Study Gallery for a demo.

Matterport dollhouse view

 Case Study: Fire Scene Investigation, Matterport 3D Scan