Wind Turbine Failures

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Wind energy systems exist all over the world. In certain countries, wind power is the largest source of renewable energy. In others, like the U.S., it’s just starting to catch on. But it has more than tripled in demand in the last ten years, and because of the increasing number of turbines being installed, the number of incidents has inevitably increased. However, in countries across Europe, this technology has been in use for years, but as turbines grow older and older, the chances of them breaking down are nearly definite.

Wind Energy Experts

Our wind energy experts consult on a wide range of turbine incidents, from electrical or mechanical failures to nacelle fires, blade failures, structural collapses, effects of vibration or resonance, and even transportation accidents.

Envista’s employs climb certified consulting experts, certified under the Global Wind Organization (GWO). Our experts are spread across four countries to cover clients globally, in the United States, Mexico, Canada and the UK.

Wind Turbine Failure

Turbines operate under harsh conditions, and as such, are faced with challenges and perils in relation to fire, dust, humidity, extreme heat or cold, lightning, and more. And, because they are constantly running, they're also vulnerable to fatigue, issues with overspeed, vibration, resonance or frequency. Our engineers have inspected numerous turbines for electrical or mechanical failures due to these incidents, but structure failure based on tower design or weld can also pose issues.

In this high-growth industry, when just one turbine is out of service, the downtime and related costs can be substantial for the producer. So, getting back into service is critical.

Wind Turbine Fire

Our wind energy experts consult on nacelle fire or corrosion issues and can help analyze origin and cause of the incident. A few of our investigators are also climb certified, so we can assist clients in all areas of the investigation and restoration.