Cell Phone Forensics


We live in an extremely digital world, and with that comes a number of risks, but also a very different level of accountability. For example, just because you delete something, may not mean it's truly gone. 

Envista’s cell phone forensic experts are some of the most well-known authorities in the world. Our experts can help attorneys, companies and adjusters determine the truth by using our advanced technology and state-of-the-art lab equipment.

With mobile device technology advancing every day, the type of data that can be found on mobile devices is constantly increasing, and contributes to why law enforcement and legal professionals now consider mobile phone forensics a viable means for retrieving important evidence related to criminal or legal investigations.

Mobile device forensics

Envista's cell phone forensics experts and computer forensic experts assist law enforcement and legal professionals with recovering valuable evidence for their investigations from:

  • SMS/MMS messaging
  • Call logs
  • Contact lists and phone IMEI/ESN information
  • Web browsing history
  • Geotags/geolocation history
  • Email records
  • Social networking service activity

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