Cell Phone Forensics

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Cell phones are used for everything from making calls and sending texts to transferring money and storing confidential documents. Cell phones can store millions of records of data in the form of emails, messages, pictures, location data, financial information, and thousands of others. They have become the most common form of evidence in criminal and civil litigation matters. People consume and generate more information from their cell phones than they do on any other device.    

Envista’s cell phone forensic experts are some of the most well-known authorities in the world. Our experts can help attorneys, companies and adjusters determine the truth by using our advanced technology and state-of-the-art lab equipment to review, analyze and report on information, including data that has been thought to be deleted. 

Mobile Device Forensics

Our cell phone forensics experts can recover, analyze and report on the following common data types, among thousands of others:  

  • Text Messaging 
  • Social Media 
  • Location History 
  • Internet Activity  
  • Email Communication 
  • Photos and Videos 
  • Voice Calls 

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