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Industrial Hygiene Services

Industrial hygiene issues can result from all sorts of biological, chemical agents, and physical hazards and can cause severe or even fatal injury and sickness. They can sometimes go unnoticed until the effects of these hazards are actualized.

Envista Forensics' industrial hygiene experts have the understanding and experience to handle health and safety concerns involving the built environment as well as contents and products. We can assist in cases where health and safety or industrial hygiene issues are suspected, or as a part of a multidisciplinary investigation when issues like flooding or fire arise.

Our experts can work with you to take various samples of all affected areas, check for fire residue, mold, asbestos, lead, and other chemical and biological contaminants, and provide you with a complete remediation plan based on a risk-informed approach. We know that every case is unique and will guide you on what can be kept or what needs to be repaired.

Our industrial hygiene experts can assist with concerns involving, but not limited to:

  • Mold and moisture damage
  • Asbestos and lead
  • Smoke and combustion residue assessments
  • Indoor air quality
  • Biological hazards
  • Chemical contamination assessments in both air and on surfaces
  • Hazardous materials management
  • Indoor noise surveys
  • Environmental compliance
  • Exposure assessments

Industrial Hygiene Testing

Our industry-leading experts can help you assess liability and protect public health on construction projects and in manufacturing, commercial, residential, healthcare, and education facilities. We service the public and private sectors and assist in projects at all levels of government.

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