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Fires and explosions, construction incidents, equipment failures, natural disasters, transportation accidents, power outages, gas/water leaks, and work-related injuries are just a few of the many events that necessitate a subrogation investigation.

Given the nuances and unique needs of subrogation matters, Envista proactively established the first-known dedicated subrogation practice of any engineering firm. We focus on providing immediate response, proper expert match, and expense management in subrogation cases.

Dedicated Subrogation Practice

Envista's subrogation practice has the following characteristics:

  • Responsiveness. Our subrogation practice is readily available and can respond immediately to vet the facts of a loss and find the most appropriate expert match.
  • Expansive Expertise. Whether the case warrants a generalist, specialist, or the most niche expert, we can deliver with our diversified global team of experts.
  • Efficiency. Our experts secure the scene, preserve evidence, and assess facts thoroughly yet swiftly to manage expenses. The site investigation is followed by a verbal report on findings so our clients can quickly assess whether to continue recovery pursuit or discontinue efforts.
  • Innovation. Education is a priority at Envista. Our experts go through strict internal training protocols to review, practice and embody expert best practices in subrogation. Similarly, our clients count on us for subrogation training tailored to their needs. Year after year, we teach hundreds of classes across the globe to share our industry knowledge.
  • Leadership. Our Envista team is proudly comprised of leaders within large subrogation associations such as the National Association of Subrogation Professionals (NASP), Claims Litigation Management (CLM), Loss Executives Association (LEA), the Property Loss Research Bureau (PLRB), and the NFPA.
  • Global Reach. Our immense, global network allows our engineers and consultants to not only collaborate with some of the top minds in the industry but also affords them the ability to provide quick answers, all while remaining your one single point of contact.
  • Going Above and Beyond. We are to support our clients any way we can, whether it's through education, customized training, helping you gain awareness in the market, creating graphics for the courtroom, or doing remote site visits, outage mapping, or technology demos.

Subrogation Matters

Our experts assist with large and small subrogation matters all over the world in the following areas: 

  • Accident reconstruction
  • Construction
  • Electrical and mechanical failures
  • Energy
  • Fires and explosions
  • Fire protection
  • Machine guarding
  • Marine
  • Material failures
  • Natural catastrophes
  • Roofing
  • Structural incidents
  • Transportation and trucking
  • Water
  • Work-related injuries

Specialty and Technology Solutions

In addition to the more common incidents noted above, we also have experts who deal with specialty losses in any area you might encounter, including railways, biology, zoology, rare art, food and beverage, epidemiology, material science, and many more.

Envista is equipped with the latest technology. We use 3D imaging, UAV, AI, finite element analysis (of thermal, mechanical stress and other attributes), thermal imagery and other technology inputs to compile the most reliable evidence possible. Our digital forensics examiners can support investigations through data recovery and cell phone and computer forensics to provide a timeline for incidents such as IP theft or employee misconduct. They can also verify prior knowledge, distracted driving, or deviation from proper routes for transit losses.

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