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3D Site Scan

3D scanning has forever changed how property claims, forensic investigations, and liability claims are conducted. With reduced field time for experts, quicker processing, faster client turnaround, and the potential to reduce fraud, forensic 3D scans create a first-hand, realistic view of a loss site, and allow you to "walk" it as many times as you need. It memorializes evidence and floor plans and produces solid 3D documentation and measurements.

During an investigation, our certified technicians capture the appropriate data associated with the loss site or damaged equipment utilizing the appropriate 3-D scanning devices. The data is then processed ultimately creating an interactive “Virtual Tour” of the site. Envista’s use of Matterport 3D modeling benefits all involved parties, as it can allow claims to be resolved quickly and accurately.

Envista’s access to forensic 3D scans can be used to help document and support investigations surrounding:

Some advantages of 3D site scans include:

  • Allowing you to "walk" the loss site as many times as you want, both inside and outside.
  • Allowing multiple parties to view evidence together in real time.
  • Helping investigators conduct remote inspections and consultations with accurate measurements and vivid image quality.
  • Making it easier to capture inventory, assess damage, and make plans for remediation while off-site.
  • Reducing multiple-party exposure to hazardous materials or unsafe conditions.
  • Creating an automatic floor plan for discovery/evidence.
  • Digitally preserving scene conditions, presence of property, and valuables.
  • Producing solid 3D documentation to assist with liability/fault, as well as determining the origin, cause, and extent of the damage.

Site Scans Using Matterport Platform

With Matterport site scan technology, every scan point is time-stamped, and all dimensions are exceptionally accurate—within 1%. This type of credibility is needed in matters of litigation, to prove who was at fault. These scans also allow juries to better experience the claim in real time.

Envista utilizes two types of Matterport technology for forensic 3D scans to capture images. The Matterport Pro2 and Pro3 platforms each possess a unique 3D scanning technology that can be used separately or in conjunction with each other. The Pro2 system, with attached supplemental lighting, works best in low light conditions while the Pro3 excels in strong sunlight. 

Our certified consultants possess the training and experience to ensure that the scene is documented correctly resulting in the production of a fully immersive, high-definition 3D model.

Pro2 Infrared High-Definition Site Scan

Envista uses traditional Matterport infrared technology, Pro2, to deliver high-quality scans and forensic documentation of losses on the inside of a property.

Take a tour of a fire loss through our Pro2 Demo.

Pro3 LiDAR Laser Site Scan

Envista uses the Matterport Pro3 camera to document losses either inside or outside. This technology uses an ultra-fast, high-precision LiDAR sensor to capture millions of measurements and turn them into 3D data. Our certified technicians utilize LiDAR scans to capture the appropriate data associated with the loss resulting in the production of an accurate 3D model and diagram for reporting purposes.

Take a tour of a fire loss through our Pro3 Demo.

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