Specialty Experts

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Specialty Experts through our Expert Alliance 

Having access to the right expert, at the right time, in the right location takes an established, experienced network and that is just what we have at Envista Forensics.  In addition to our excellent full-time staff, our Expert Alliance was created to provide clients with a complete global forensics engineering solution covering a wide variety of technical and unique specialties. In short, Envista can provide everything you need for complex losses and litigation support.  

From the rarest to the most unique of needs, from the most complex to the most terrifying major catastrophes, our network of hundreds of experts and specialists are waiting to help you.  

Why Expert Alliance

Unlike other one-off expert directories, Envista's specialty experts are highly-vetted, senior-level experts in their field. They are able to collaborate with any experts we have on staff or within our network to review findings. In addition, an Envista project manager is assigned to every file for peer-review and to monitor the project from start to finish--just like we would with any matter that comes to Envista. Many of these experts have worked with us for decades and are well-versed in matters of litigation, subrogation and liability.

Although we have a large number of experts that fall within a more standard discipline, we also have a vast variety of niche and unique expertise to meet all our clients' needs.

Niche Areas of Expertise Include:

  • Aircraft
  • Beer, wine, spirits production and shipment/storage
  • Ceramics
  • Cryogenics
  • Entomology
  • Environmental sciences
  • Firearms
  • Handwriting, paper and ink analysis
  • Industrial hygiene
  • Microbiology
  • Mycology
  • Railroad equipment
  • Rare art
  • Toxicology
  • Wood, sand, fabrics, feathers
  • Zoology

COVID-19 Experts

Today’s COVID-19 pandemic is impacting our global communities in unprecedented ways, and we at Envista are humbled to be in a position to deliver the same level of expertise we’ve become known for throughout these challenging times. Our team of experts are available to assist with investigations involving:

  • FDA/healthcare
  • Food processing
  • Industrial hygiene, environmental, microbiology
  • OSHA compliance
  • Safety engineering 

Expert Alliance Case Examples

To help illustrate the expertise that lies within this amazing network, read through a few brief technical case examples:

  • Our Ceramics and Glass expert assisted with a Ballistic Grade Level 5 Clad Polycarbonate pane examining the integrity of the glass and rendered an opinion as to the cause of breakage.
  • After a bug infestation in a lumber yard, our entomologist identified the type of insect, how the infestation and migration of insects occurred and provided a pest control protocol to eliminate infestation.
  • A facility had a cryogenic pipe rupture resulting in personal injuries. Our cryogenic expert was able to determine why the pipe ruptured and how to restore operations of the system.