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Disputes and litigation are marked by uncertainty and other challenges. Fortunately, legal professionals can help manage uncertainty for their clients when they have timely, accurate, and reliable information. Envista has helped hundreds in civil and criminal litigation, as well as internal counsel, quickly get meaningful answers on the many technical issues at the center of a dispute.

Our experts and engineers have decades of experience working with both defendants and plaintiffs on a wide variety of cases and can offer the following areas of expertise.

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trial graphics graph and photos

Demonstrative exhibit with diagrams based on building plans—to support expert testimony on cause of claimed defects

Case Study
Fracture Linkage From Subject Stamping Press
Stamping Press Failure Analysis
Envista was retained to investigate the cause of failure and determine whether any outside party was responsible for damages after a 3,000-ton stamping press used in the production of automobile parts failed, resulting in prolonged downtime and extensive repair costs.
Fracture Linkage From Subject Stamping Press
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