Criminal Litigation

At Envista Forensics, our experts have worked on thousands of criminal litigation matters for both the prosecution and the defense. As independent third-party experts, we provide consultation, examination and analysis, and expert testimony in criminal cases.

Our experts come from diverse backgrounds, including private sector industries, law enforcement, the military, and public service. This breadth of expertise allows us to provide the best expert for a case depending on the circumstances and evidence that it contains.

Our objective in every criminal matter is to assist attorneys in providing their clients with the best possible information to make an informed decision on the merits or problems with their case. We assist our clients through every aspect of the criminal matter, from pre-litigation, discovery, analysis, to expert testimony. Many of Envista's experts have provided expert testimony in state and federal criminal cases and all work that comes out of an Envista Forensics lab is peer-reviewed.

While all of our forensic divisions service criminal litigators, our fire and explosion investigators, digital forensic experts, and specialty experts are used most often for these cases.

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