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Manufacturing Equipment Failure Analysis

Many factors can lead to a failure or an accident in the manufacturing industry. There are many risks to assess within the wide range of industrial equipment, which includes machines used for material handling, metal fabrication, or food and beverage production, as well as compressors, mixers, and centrifuges.

Additionally, the equipment and technology used in manufacturing facilities changes quickly, which requires constant safety upgrades as well as continuing awareness of correct operation and maintenance protocols.

The most common causes of manufacturing failures are improper training or work methods, and equipment maintenance, design, or reliability. Manufacturing facilities involve many processes and variables that can go wrong or lead to inefficiencies, including:

  • Material flow, including how it flows, where and when it is delivered, and how it is handled once it reaches its destination is important
  • Facility layout, including short travel times, space to operate safely, and material handling systems to move products as needed
  • Lighting
  • Temperature
  • Cleanliness
  • Workspace design
  • Proper tooling

In a manufacturing facility, proper knowledge of the equipment and materials, a clear maintenance record, and continually trained and skilled employees are vital.

Manufacturing Failure Analysis

Understanding the complexity of manufacturing facilities is essential when investigating accidents, fires, or failures because of the different systems that interact within the facility. The equipment often requires machine guards to protect the worker. In these situations, one needs to understand the workers' interaction with the machines, their work methods, and the training level each worker has obtained.

Many accidents can occur through material handling equipment (e.g., conveyors, forklifts, carts). Injuries in the workplace require an understanding of the equipment, facility, and how they are part of the manufacturing process.

No matter the type of facility, Envista engineers can work with you to analyze the failure, accident, or safety situation to understand what went wrong and why. Our multidisciplinary team has experts who can identify electrical, mechanical, material, or process issues and determine how to mitigate the current failure and prevent similar incidents in the future.

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