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Electrical Injuries

Electrical incidents are extremely serious matters and require a careful and thorough investigation to determine the cause, as well as what can be done to prevent future occurrences. Injuries of this nature can have a catastrophic impact on employees as well as the company.

When this happens, a company may deal with not only internal personnel issues, but also operation changes, and possible litigation for either liability, medical bills or the death of an employee. It is an extremely sensitive matter and one which should be investigated thoroughly.

Electrical Accident Investigation Report

Envista’s licensed forensic engineers are relied upon to determine the cause and contributing factors for all types of electrical shock, electrocutions, and arc flash incidents resulting in death or injury. Our experienced engineers are skilled at determining potentially liable parties to the incident and provide a comprehensive accident investigation report. During our evaluation, we work to confirm the location and source of the hazardous energy, and the state of any safeguards or workplace safety procedures, including the employee’s personal protective equipment (PPE).

Common types of electrical accident investigations we handle include:

  • Electrical line contact (overhead and underground)
  • Arcing and arc flash
  • Insulation failure
  • GFCI and circuit protection failure
  • Compliance with Electrical Safety Codes & Standards such as NEC, IEC & UL
  • Micro-shock hazards (low voltage), primarily from medical devices


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