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Fraud-Related Fire Investigations

Fire investigations are complex to begin with. However, determining if a fire was related to arson and whether subsequent claims are fraudulent requires an extremely skilled investigator experienced in advanced forensic investigation techniques.

Envista fire investigators are certified by the NAFI (National Association of Fire Investigators) and IAAI (International Association of Arson Investigators) as CFI and CFEI, and our experts in fire forensics possess the experience necessary to identify arson.

Forensic Fraud Fire Investigation

Since the results of fire-fighting efforts often destroy pertinent evidence that is essential in determining origin and cause, Envista fraud investigators use their strong foundation in fire science to determine if the fire was accidental or the result of fraud. In the case of fraud, our skilled experts work with law enforcement to begin an investigation.

When preparing their investigation, Envista's fire investigators answer the following questions:

  • Were there multiple points of origin?
  • Is there any presence of accelerants?
  • Was the color of the smoke noteworthy?
  • Were any hydrants, standpipes, alarm systems, or sprinkler systems inoperable at the time of the fire?
  • What was the condition of the doors and windows?
  • Was there anything abnormal about the way the fire burned?
  • Were there any items (equipment, chemicals, etc.) present in the structure at the time of the fire that wouldn't normally be present?


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3D Site Scan Technology

Our investigations are multidisciplinary; we draw upon expertise in fire science, engineering, and chemistry to find the cause, and we communicate our findings in a clear, concise manner that can be readily understood by non-technical individuals. To aid in that process, some of our investigators use 3D scans through Matterport technology to provide quicker answers, produce models for scene documentation and evidence, while providing more of a "real-time" experience review of a scene without ever having to leave your desk.

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