Oil and Gas

Unlike less mature industries, the chemical and gas industries are used to experiencing economic highs and lows. For chemicals, fluctuating energy prices, expansion into new markets, and acceleration of sustainability initiatives have created many unknowns. For gas, declines in petroleum demand pose many challenges.

Multidisciplinary Forensic Experts in Chemical and Oil & Gas Incidents

These are unprecedented times for chemical and gas industry stakeholders, so unexpected and catastrophic events could be extremely detrimental to short- and long-term business outcomes. If your production or plant has been impacted because of a severe incident, such as an explosion, fire, natural disaster, cyber incident, or environmental exposure, Envista's team of chemical and gas engineers and experts can rapidly and efficiently determine what happened, why it happened, and provide mitigation options so production can be resumed.

Envista's multidisciplinary teams have a depth of experience across the chemical and gas industries, including:

  • Plastics
  • Agricultural chemicals (fertilizers/pesticides)
  • Petroleum and refineries
  • Inorganic and organic chemicals
  • Consumer chemicals (soaps, detergents)

Our teams have decades of industry experience as chemical, mechanical, environmental, and petrochemical engineers, and now devote their careers to providing essential forensic investigations following chemical and gas incidents, such as:

  • Fire Origin and cause investigations
  • Mechanical failure analysis
  • Metallurgical and materials testing
  • Digital forensics and data loss consulting
  • Industrial hygiene and environmental assessments
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Envista Forensics was retained as an independent third-party engineer, representing the owner of the ferry, tasked to determine the scope, extent of damage, and root cause of a ferry that was pushed by a dredge and caused damage to the dock.
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Bespoke Public Facilities in Sydney, AUS
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Major Equipment Loss at Printing Press
Envista's Major Loss team was called in to investigate damage to equipment at a printing press.
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Hail Damage to Residential Home
Envista’s Building Consulting team was retained to investigate the nature, extent, and cause of reported presence of hail on a high-end residential home.
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