At Envista Forensics, our certified and seasoned experts have worked on thousands of matters involving obtaining and examining digital evidence for cases involving computer forensics, location forensics, cell phone forensics, vehicle infotainment forensics, forensic imaging and collections, and more.

Our objective is to provide actionable and accurate results to our clients, often under strict guidelines and tight time frames. Our team is dedicated to working closely with our clients through effective communication and planning to help them reach the best possible outcome in their cases.

Download Resource Packet for Legal Professionals

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This resource guide from Envista's Digital Forensics Practice Leader Lars Daniel provides key legal resources based on the needs of thousands of clients related to call detail records, Facebook and Google subpoena language, digital evidence examination procedures, and more.

We Provide Court Testimony

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Our digital forensics experts undergo critical expert witness training and can provide deposition and trial testimony on matters related to insurance claims or legal matters. We work with all legal professionals on both civil and criminal matters.

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