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How 3D Laser Imaging and Onsite Modeling Accelerate Insurance Claims

20 januar 2022

It seems that every day, there is a new technology available that is designed to make our lives run smoother and more easily. The problem is, these technological advancements are often times very expensive and are not field-tested. At Envista, we have been using 3D imaging and onsite modeling powered by Matterport since 2018. 

We have never witnessed such easy and useful technology as the Matterport 3D capture solution. As forensic investigators, we have embraced this breakthrough technology because of what it can deliver to claims adjusters and litigation professionals. The Matterport platform is useful for nearly all insurance claims, such as fires, explosions, building collapse, structure failures, construction disputes, CAT claims, and a wide variety of litigation matters. Real estate, construction remodeling, vacation rentals, and many other industries have also discovered the benefits of 3D laser imaging.

How 3D Technology Accelerates Insurance Claims  

3D imaging technology has radically changed the documentation of property claims, forensic investigations, and liability claims, as it allows the user to virtually “walk” the loss site as many times as you want from a remote location. If you have a question about a certain area, you can scroll in for a close-up view or rotate the viewpoint simply by rotating the mouse on your computer. The client will see what the investigator sees as far as damages are concerned, and more importantly, what the scene conditions were at a particular point in time. Working as a team, multiple parties can view the scene and evidence together.

For the SIU teams, the investigators can conduct remote inspections and consultations to determine the need for a visit to the site, or just use the 3D digital twin to make their decisions. The program delivers the ability to easily capture inventory, damage assessment, and allows the client to make plans for remediation, all while sitting in the comforts of their offices.

Verisk Analytics and Matterport Integration

It was announced in August 2021 that Verisk Analytics and Matterport formed an integration that accelerates the sketching process for insurance claims. In the recent news release published by Matterport, insurance claims professionals can now rapidly generate digital 3D diagrams of loss sites directly in Verisk’s Xactimate® solution with Matterport TruePlan™ for Xactimate. The Matterport TruePlan integration with Xactimate accelerates insurance claims by generating a complete as-built sketch of the structure that is ready to be downloaded into the Xactimate program. The TruePlan sketch can be ordered directly from the Xactimate program with just one click, streamlining a formerly complicated process. This innovative process will save time and effort for the field adjusters as they perform their claims adjusting activities while on-site allowing more time to deal directly with clients, restoration contractors, and others involved with the claims process. As they walk the site, they can make notes and then use the 3D digital twin and integration into Xactimate for their estimates.

3D Forensic Imaging for Claims and Litigation

For the subrogation claims professionals, the system can be used in a variety of ways, such as providing visualization of the scope and severity of the loss, development of photographs to be used during legal proceedings, disputing inaccurate data, and providing a virtual experience, unlike other traditional documentation methods.

It can also be utilized during web-based meetings easier than traditional digital photographs, although photographic, high-resolution jpeg images can be easily produced utilizing the 3D digital twin captured from any position desired by the user. The technology may allow joint examinations to continue without some parties being present and reduce spoliation arguments. The technology also allows each image to be time stamped.

This innovation greatly enhances the ability to accurately assess the matter at hand by allowing the virtual walk-through of the scene at any time. It is important to note that the 3D digital twin cannot be altered and there is no sound associated with the model.

Matterport 3D Camera Advancements

The 3D platform powered by Matterport continues to advance daily. The Pro2 camera used by Envista is comprised of six infra-red lasers along with three high-definition cameras which are used to capture thousands of data points. This rich spatial data, through the use of AI (artificial intelligence), is continually processed, which contributes to the advancement of this technology with new features unveiled on a continual basis.  With every use, the Matterport platform continues to recognize more individual characteristics through this data collection process, which ultimately results in the technological advancements of the platform. The collection and analysis of data are two of the most important steps of the Scientific Method used by every fire investigation professional. The 3D platform exemplifies this process.

Recently, Matterport announced that its Capture application is now available on Android devices which facilitates the connection to a Matterport Pro2 or the more popular 360 cameras. In addition, the app supports 3D capture with the camera on the Android device itself, which is a quick and simple way to document daily site conditions or instantly scan a space with just the phone one already owns. If you or your company uses the Matterport platform, the free app can be downloaded onto compatible Android and iOS devices, making it fast and easy to mobilize more people on your team to capture spaces.

Our Matterport Utilization: How Can 3D Imaging Services Help You?

Within Envista’s diverse client base, many clients have their own Matterport accounts, which allows our team to quickly and easily duplicate a model and transfer the digital twin to the client for their own individual and administrative use.  This 3D building model, produced by Envista, exemplifies our standard quality of work, demonstrated daily by each and every consultant. Please reach out to us to let more about how we can help you to make quicker decisions based upon better information.

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