Envista's engineers are skilled at assessing the root cause of HVAC and boiler failures. We have experience working with all involved parties to return the systems to operation so that business interruption is minimized. Items reviewed during the investigation include:

  • What was the cause of the incident?
  • Is there subrogation potential in this loss?
  • What do the service and maintenance records for the equipment reveal?
  • Was the cause of the loss a design error?
  • Was the cause of failure a construction defect?

Envista will work with the insured and their contractors to return the systems to operability as soon as possible. Tasks likely to occur include:

  • Repair of damaged ducting, piping and controls as necessary to support operation of the system.
  • Procurement of a rental unit as required to support operations.

Our difference is in our experts: Their training enables them to provide you with a thorough, competent investigation and resolution. Their personalities allow them to communicate their findings to you and your clients in a clear and credible manner.