HVAC/Boilers Failure Analysis

HVAC and boiler failures are expensive and can be extremely dangerous, often resulting in serious property damage or worse. A failure in these critical systems can also completely halt operations, leading to thousands of dollars in business interruption costs.

Envista's engineers are skilled at assessing the root cause of HVAC and boiler failures in commercial, industrial, or institutional equipment and in building systems. We work with all involved parties to return systems to operate and minimize equipment downtime. Our multidisciplinary team can analyze all documents, components, and systems related to a failure, identify the responsible parties, and provide estimates to mitigate your loss quickly and efficiently.

Our HVAC/boiler experts examine: 

  • Manufacturing specifications and system application
  • Equipment service and maintenance records
  • Shipping and installation records
  • Material analysis
  • Potential design errors or construction defects
  • Subrogation potential
  • Failures involving electrical, mechanical, gas, or oil
  • Failures that resulted in explosion or fire
  • Boiler low-water conditions, poor water treatment, or improper warmup
  • Frozen pipes
  • Steam systems

Returning Your Systems to Operation

Envista will work to return systems to operability as soon as possible. Our experts can:

  • Arrive quickly to secure pertinent evidence and avoid spoliation
  • Provide you with a plan to get your operations running again as soon as possible
  • Speak to all parties who have been involved with the machinery
  • Repair damaged ducting, piping, and controls as necessary to support system operation
  • Procure a rental unit as required to support operations
  • Give feedback on fair and reasonable costs for repair or replacement
  • Provide detailed reports to use in subrogation or make mitigation decisions

Our experts' training enables them to provide you with a thorough, competent investigation and resolution. They are skilled at communicating their findings to you and your clients clearly and credibly. With so many potential issues that can lead to a failure within HVAC or boiler systems, a knowledgeable engineer can help put things in perspective.

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