Ocean Marine


Due to the myriad of issues that can occur to vessels, structures, and cargo while traveling via the world's waterways or while at port, ocean marine claims are often extremely complex and require the appropriate team of experts so that losses can be mitigated. Since 1984, the forensic engineers and experts at Envista have assisted claims professionals, attorneys, brokers, and risk managers with resolving ocean marine insurance claims. Whether it be cargo damaged in transit across the Pacific Ocean, a cruise ship fire, or a complex container port damaged following a tropical storm, Envista's Global Ocean Marine Practice Group is here to help you navigate the complexities of ocean marine losses.

Where we can help:

  • Fires & Explosions- Marine Vessels, Marinas/Ports, Cruise Ships
  • Cargo Claims- Fraud/Theft, Mishandling/Rigging, Improper Packaging/Environmental Controls, Negligence, Spoilation
  • Structural Collapses- Docks, Ports, Marinas, Crane Collapses & Failures, Hull/Bulkhead Integrity Issues
  • Subsea/Offshore Energy- Oil Platforms, Subsea Cabling
  • Marine Accidents- Wrongful Death & Fraud/Theft Investigations, Piracy/Terrorism/War-Risk
  • Environmental- Oil Spills & Other Water Contamination Events, Marine Biological Incidents, Meteorology/Climatology

3D Scanning for Ocean Marine

Envista Forensics utilizes Matterport Pro 3D scanning systems and drones to assist in the complete documentation of scenes following ocean marine claims. Learn more.