Inland Marine


Inland Marine Insurance protects a diverse mix of equipment, structures and products. From the food we eat and the cars we drive being transported by rail across the country, to our transportation infrastructures such as bridges, highways or piers getting people from place to place, and radio and T.V. transmission towers scattered across wide regions delivering necessary telecommunications: the property insured through inland marine policies serves a vital role in the 21st century.

Envista's Inland Marine Experts possess a depth of experience handling complex claims occurring when equipment, structures and products are on the move. Since 1984, our inland marine team- comprised of a group of diverse equipment, packaging, structural and materials engineers, vehicle accident reconstructionists and fire investigators- have aided claims adjusters, legal professionals, risk managers and brokers with all types of inland marine claims.

Where we can help:

  • Fires & Explosions- On & Off-Road Heavy Equipment, Railways, Highways/Bridges
  • Cargo Claims- Fraud/Theft, Mishandling/Rigging, Improper Packaging/Environmental Controls, Negligence, Spoilation
  • Structural Collapses- Docks, Ports, Marinas, Crane Collapses & Failures, Radio/TV Transmission Towers
  • Heavy Equipment Accidents- Wrongful Death & Fraud/Theft Investigations
  • Environmental- Tractor-Trailer, Heavy Equipment, Rail Accidents