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Global Marine Claims

We live in a globalized economy and no sector is more impacted by events around the world than the maritime industry. Marine claims are often extremely complex and require the appropriate team of experts so that losses can be mitigated as quickly as possible. Since 1984, the forensic engineers and experts at Envista have assisted claims adjusters, legal professionals, risk managers, and brokers with claims related to ocean marine losses.

When something unexpected occurs, like a vessel sinking, vessel allision or collision, cargo loss, or critical structural failure, you need to mobilize with the right team so that risks can be minimized, and the necessary questions answered. Envista's Marine Practice Group specializes in leading complex investigations following severe marine incidents and accidents. From ocean-going blue water vessels to brown water vessels on the nation's inland waterways and recreational vessels and yachts, Envista has a team of marine experts to assist.

Investigating Marine Accidents and Loss

With increasing engineering and electronic complexity across a global supply chain and ever greater scrutiny placed on the management of the claim, you need to obtain a robust, substantiated opinion on the cause, the extent of damage, and critical steps for minimizing marine loss.

Our team has expertise in various types of claims, such as:

  • Cargo claims
  • Vessel hull and machinery
  • Vessel pollution
  • Vessel structural design and damage/failure
  • Equipment loss mitigation
  • Vessel marine casualties or accidents
  • Vessel stability
  • Vital system automation

Maritime Loss, Accidents, and Casualty

  • Corrosion and coating investigation
  • Drydock, graving dock, and ship lift
  • Machinery failure analysis
  • Vessel cargo securing, cargo stowage, and cargo loss exams
  • Vessel stability and structure reviews
  • Damage assessments and repair plans
  • Emergency recovery assessment of mechanical/electrical equipment
  • Structural failure analysis and material testing
  • Vessel marine casualty or accident investigation
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Case Study
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Marine Engine Failure from Arcing?
Envista Forensics was retained as an independent third-party engineer, representing the owner of the ferry, tasked to determine the scope, extent of damage, and root cause of a ferry that was pushed by a dredge and caused damage to the dock.
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