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Electrical Investigations

It goes without saying that we depend on electricity. Whether to run critical equipment or electronics needed to operate a business or the electrical power infrastructure relied upon by an entire city or region, electricity is one of our most basic needs, but it’s not without complexities and risks.

When incidents or failures to various electrical systems, equipment or processes occur, you need a skilled expert to assess the damage, determine the possible cause and provide mitigation options so recovery occurs quickly and cost-effectively.

Experts in Electrical Failures and Incidents

Envista’s experienced electrical engineers and consultants are skilled at providing expertise following incidents involving:

  • Circuit breakers/switchgear
  • Electrical fires
  • Electronics
  • Hardware or software
  • Power generation
  • Transformers
  • Equipment failure
  • Electrical injuries
  • Fire, heat, smoke, soot contamination
  • Lightning and power surge
  • Product liability
  • Water contamination

Scientific Approach to Electrical Failure Analysis

Whether the event was due to weather, fire, water, failure, improper installation or operation, our investigators keep the scientific method, at the core of what they do. Our experts work thousands of routine cases each year, as well as a number of major losses exceeding $50M. Our multidisciplinary experts have the skill set to help with any type or size of the loss, and the technology and process organization to preserve and catalogue evidence—even in the midst of a fire or flood—providing certainty to our clients when it’s most needed. Our protocols do not waver.

Our goal is to provide clients with the answers they seek, from experts that are skilled, experienced, and can easily communicate findings to you, your client or a courtroom.

Envista's Electrical Experts

Our broad, and highly specialized expertise includes, but is not limited to:

  • Electrical engineers
  • MEP experts
  • Product liability specialists
  • Equipment specialists
  • Smart device and IoT experts
  • Electrical engineers with CFIs and CFEIs
  • Expert testimony and litigation support
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