Wildfire Investigations


According to the National Centers for Environmental Information (NOAA), there were more than 66,000 reported wildfires that consumed nearly 10 million acres throughout the United States in 2017. Wildfires have accounted for billions of dollars in damaged property each year. Because of the many factors that affect the ignition and spread of these fires, it is vital to secure qualified and experienced wildfire investigators to provide you with clear, complete, convincing and conclusive origin and cause reports.

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Envista Forensic Consulting has a team of fire investigation experts available for immediate response to wildfire scenes throughout the U.S. Our experts will conduct a comprehensive fire investigation and are experienced with:

  • Fuel Condition Analysis
  • Fuel Moisture Content
  • Weather Condition Analysis
  • Topography Review
  • Fire Shape Analysis
  • Fire Spread Factors
  • Scene Interview Management
  • Identification of Fire Pattern Indicators
  • Data Collection & Analysis

We will provide you with aerial and ground photographs as well as video of the fire damage. Our experts will obtain and review local and state agency fire reports and related documents, and we offer Computer Fire Modeling services for recreating the event to illustrate the ignition and development of the fire.

Free Wildfire Whitepaper

 Wildfire Whitepaper

Click Here to Download 10 Things to Consider When Analyzing Complex Wildland Fires Whitepaper