Renewable Energy Engineers

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Renewable energy systems are more common than one may think. Solar arrays, geothermal heating, wind farms, and biofuel refineries, exist all over the world. When these systems fail to work or become damaged it takes an expert knowledgeable in their design, construction, maintenance and operation to properly assess the cause of the failure. Envista has those experts.

From Solar, to Wind, to Biofuel, these systems face a number of unique challenges, due to perils related to hail, snow, hurricanes, tornadoes, design deficiencies, fires and operational errors.

Biofuel systems, in particular, can be small installations or multi-million dollar ethanol production facilities. Investigating these systems may require the expertise of a chemical, mechanical, and/or electrical engineer depending on what has occurred. From rotating machinery and heavy equipment failures, to chemical considerations, fire and explosions, these facilities must be treated with caution.

With experienced engineers across the globe, we are ready to assist with all types of renewable energy failures, no matter the type of disaster or where it occurs. 

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