Cell Phone Tracking

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Our cell phone location experts are industry leaders on the subject of cellular technology evidence. This process is used to identify the location of a phone in question, typically used in a matter of litigation. 

Each call detail record (CDR) contains technical details about each transaction a phone has with the wireless phone company’s network, such as the date and time of the phone call or text message. Each record may also contain the starting and ending cell towers used for a phone call and in some cases, text messages, and data sessions. Using historical cell site location information in the form of a CDR obtained from cellular service providers, our cellular analysis experts can determine the historic general location of a person or object based upon a mobile phone's activity.  

Cell Site Analysis 

A specific phone’s CDR shows locations of cell towers the phone connected to when making calls or sending and receiving text messages. With this information, it is possible to determine an area where that phone may have been when a call or message was sent or received. This type of evidence is commonly used to challenge or confirm an alibi.  

In addition, this kind of data has also been used in distracted driving cases to determine if the driver was possibly distracted, or if he or she was not physically prepared to driveThrough an investigation called a lifestyle analysis, evidence from the call detail records, drivers logs, and the cell phone forensics is reviewed holistically to understand how much the driver was potentially sleeping, for example, or if he or she was up all night watching movies instead of resting for the next shift.  

It’s important to note that each type of transaction, voice, data or text, may have different time stamps and location information, and viewing that data as black or white may be inconsistent with the truth. Auto-notifications, incoming texts or auto-replies, GPS apps, and many other factors can make detailed cell phone records complex and challenging to view and verify. Our highly qualified experts can assist you through this process.  

If you need further validation, our experts can conduct a forensic radio frequency survey, or “drive test,” to test and collect data on radio frequencies from an incident area. We use the same type of highly specialized hardware and software that’s used by government agencies. This data is then analyzed to validate the data obtained in the cell site location information records. This process allows our experts to thoroughly verify that the phone records are valid regarding location (i.e. the records actually are what they seem to “say” they are), as well as the cell towers used, cell tower coverage areas, and if other factors may have affected signal coverage such as wooded areas, bodies of water, or topography. 

Cell Phone Tracking Experts 

While credible experts are out there, this particular forensic discipline is plagued with analysts that only view data through a narrow and sometimes distorted lensrather than looking at it holistically and understanding all the nuances of what that data may truly show. Platforms exist today that can make anyone seem like an expert with a little bit of instruction, but that doesn’t always mean they are viewing and analyzing the data correctly. Many times, it is not a black or white case. Users of cell phone tracking software may know how to use the software to generate results, but that doesn’t mean they fully understand how to properly analyze the data driving those results. 

Despite the increased prevalence of mobile phones being used in claims and legal cases, both for determining historic location or user activity, many claims and legal professionals may not be fully aware of how this information can make or break a litigated case or investigative matter. This type of evidence needs to withstand all forms of scrutiny, and choosing the proper expert is key. Our cell phone location experts have worked on numerous, well-known, high-profile legal cases and are here to answer any questions, provide a thorough analysis, and help you uncover the truth. 

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