The Future of Autonomous Vehicles: Risks with Privacy and Tracking

Autonomous Vehicles-LP1-01.png

Our latest white paper speaks to the risk of data security in a world where even our vehicles are constantly connected. This new technology that’s present within autonomous vehicles will result in a shift in privacy for the average person and an entirely new area of forensic and litigation expertise, especially when it comes to vehicle accidents. Who is at fault? The manufacturer? The seller? The driver? The employer?

Get insights on:

  • What are autonomous vehicles
  • How do autonomous work
  • Collision avoidance systems and what they mean for accident prevention
  • Privacy and security of driver and vehicle data
  • Manufacturing and liability in a new era of autonomous vehicle innovation

Download the white paper, The Future of Autonomous Vehicles: Risk with Privacy and Tracking to read more or contact one of our mechanical or cell phone forensic experts.