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Jason Conley

 Digital Forensics Examiner

Digital Forensic Examiner in Toronto, ON

Mr. Jason Conley is a Digital Forensics Examiner. Since 2003, Jason has been providing computer forensic services and cyber-investigation support to a wide array of clients including corporate directors & security management, legal departments & law firms, government agencies, private investigation firms, forensic accountants, and business owners & managers in the Greater Toronto Area and across Canada. Many of these examinations have warranted or strengthened “for cause” terminations during active employee investigations, and conversely, thwarted wrongful dismissal lawsuits. He has testified as an expert witness in court and in union arbitrations, on issues relating to computer forensics, internet-based investigations and e-discovery issues. His workmanship has been instrumental in the successful execution of remedial court orders, some of which have been Anton Piller (civil search warrant) court orders. Jason specializes in matters of industrial espionage, Intellectual Property Theft, breach of contract and fraud-related investigations. Jason is responsible for providing digital forensics and incident response services in Canada. He is also assisting in business development and team growth as Envista expands its reach across Canada and around the world.


Cell Phone Forensics
Data Analysis
Data Recovery
Privacy Breaches
Security Management
Call Detail Record Analysis
Cell/Mobile/Phone Forensics
Computer Forensics
Cyber Incident Investigation
Digital Forensics
Mobile Device/Cellular Technology Forensics

Jason Conley