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Forensic Naval Architecture – Marine Failures and Damage

For nearly 40 years, our Marine Practice Group has helped claims adjusters, legal professionals, risk managers, and brokers with claims related to ocean marine losses. When an issue arises related to the structure or stability of a vessel or key shipyard equipment used to launch and dock those vessels, the resulting damage can lead to a significant loss of business income.

Envista's team of experienced naval architects, versed in all aspects of the marine industry, draw on their in-depth knowledge to find the root cause of naval architectural failures and determine the best way to rectify the issue and mitigate further damage.

Our maritime experts can conduct vessel intact and damage stability reviews, conduct complex dry dock, graving dock, and ship lift calculations, analyze structures for design or construction defects, and examine materials for signs of corrosion, cracking, and deformation. Once the cause of the structural failure or loss of stability is determined, we provide you with recommendations on repairs or remedial actions and provide costing that will help you make the right decisions and get back to business as usual.

The claim types we investigate can be related to:

  • Vessel hull
  • Vessel stability
  • Vessel structural design and damage/failure

Naval Architecture Forensics and Marine Engineering

Naval architecture is a complex topic that involves the design and development of sea-going vessels involving economic and safety aspects for the vessel and the ports and waterways they operate in. Our naval architects utilize advanced software and technology tools to investigate losses related to blue and brown water vessels. No matter where your marine loss occurs, Envista's naval architects will respond quickly to prevent and minimize marine loss.

Our experts have knowledge of brown water and blue water claims and provide the following services:

  • Corrosion and coating investigation
  • Structure failure analysis and material testing
  • Ship docking and lifting plans
  • Class and statutory compliance reviews
  • Hull damage assessments and repair plans
  • Vessel intact and damage stability analyses
  • Mooring, towing and anchoring analyses
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