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Growing a company is hard work. Protecting it can be even harder. Litigation, incidents, or disasters can threaten property or other assets. This concern is dealt with by each and every organization.

Envista understands that buildings, equipment, data, and other assets are critical to the profitable operation of any business. We offer a variety of services that help businesses protect themselves when they need it most:

  • Uncover and preserve crucial information that might be relevant to the defence of employment practices, commercial litigation, intellectual property, or other claims with digital forensics.
  • Expedite recovery, better understand repair versus replace, and save money after fires, floods, or other disasters wreak havoc on computers, telecommunications, laboratory, manufacturing, or other equipment with equipment loss consulting or equipment restoration & preservation.
  • Understand damage, liability, and cost of damage following incidents through our multidisciplinary team of experts who can provide failure analysis of your equipment, machinery, buildings, and systems. We drill down to find the origin and cause through our fire investigators, structural engineers, material scientists, industrial hygienists, fire protection engineers, and other subject matter experts.

We offer decades of experience in providing specialized expertise with all types of businesses, especially:

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