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Soils and Geotechnical Engineering

Investigating soil condition contributions to claimed damages requires an experienced civil engineer with geotechnical and structural engineering experience. Many factors can contribute to soil failure, which can result in catastrophic structural failure. Investigating soil claims often includes some form of soil testing. Those tests can show how to build structures with appropriate load-bearing capacities for the lateral forces that may be encountered.

Envista Forensics investigates soil-related structural claims that may involve design and/or construction defects, standard of care issues, or construction-related failures. Our engineers analyze the history of the site and issues the site may be prone to like subsurface mobility issues, sinkholes, or landslides. We also test soil conditions and investigate any potential concerns involving bearing capacity and soil compaction.

Geotechnical Forensic Engineering

Our experts have experience assessing subsurface soil and rock conditions for:

Our experts can also determine soil profile and groundwater status and make recommendations to rectify issues related to:

  • Excavation
  • Retaining walls
  • Site drainage and grading
  • Constructed slopes
  • Numerous other scenarios

Our subject matter experts are also experienced in the design and construction of deep foundation systems as well as cases involving these types of systems. 

Forensic Soil Analysis

Envista Forensics' team of geotechnical engineers, geologists, and structural engineers take necessary steps to determine the underlying cause of structural damage. We help various industries and clients, including construction firms, all levels of government, private companies, and energy companies.

Our experts use the latest technologies, and our engineers have extensive experience and knowledge with using various investigation methods, such as geographical surveys, borehole drilling, rock coring, test pit excavation, and in-situ density testing. 

The results of our testing are explained to you and your clients clearly and concisely. Our engineers will walk you through the whole process, ensuring safety and avoiding further damages to your work site. Our approach ensures that each job site receives geotechnical parameters and construction recommendations that fit your project so that you can mitigate your infrastructure confidently and quickly. 

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