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What is Computer Forensics?

Computer forensics is the oldest of the sub-disciplines that make up digital forensics. Computers are often the main source of digital evidence in civil litigation cases and with good reason. Computers can contain a massive amount of useful information in a case in and of themselves. They can also contain useful information about other devices like USB thumb drives, cell phones, digital cameras, portable hard drives, server shares, and cloud data. Almost all devices at one point or another circle around back to a computer. For instance, to create a backup of the information on your cell phone, it can be connected to the computer. The same is true if you want to get the pictures off a digital camera or USB thumb drive.

Experts in Computer Forensics Investigation

Computer forensics consists of a computer forensics investigator examining evidence found on a computer hard drive and, in some instances, the examination of data on other hardware components within the computer, like the memory. The foundation of computer forensics is data recovery, and much of this sub-discipline revolves around that aspect.

While cell phones have surpassed computers as the primary form of evidence in most case types, computers still reign supreme in many forms of civil litigation. It is hard to imagine working without technology today, and the hyper-connectivity of businesses is only accelerating. This connectivity requires computers, servers, and peripheral electronic devices to facilitate our modern work environment.

While this connectivity can increase the efficiency and quality of our work, along with it comes challenges, mostly surrounding the protection of sensitive data.

Confidential customer lists, proprietary information, and executive strategy documents are being transferred out of an organization by employees, or former employees, as we speak. These transfers do not require technical sophistication. Filesharing applications, cloud-based services, messaging applications, and personal email accounts can all be used to exfiltrate data. Sometimes these activities are intended by the employee, and at other times, it is done by accident or by an automated process of the computer. A computer forensic examination would be needed to determine the root cause in all of these instances.

Computer Forensics Investigators & Examiners

Envista's computer forensics experts ensure that no stone goes unturned. We can assist in any phase of the digital forensics examination and have the forensic technology, certifications, and experience to provide the best outcomes for our clients, regardless of the amount or variety of data sources and the trajectory of the case. No matter what, our experts treat every case like it will go to court.

Our digital forensics experts come from law enforcement, military intelligence, and private companies. With this combined experience, both from a variety of backgrounds and thousands of computers examined, our experts can be trusted with your most complex and sensitive litigation matters.

Computer Forensics Process

Data Preservation

The forensic technology and methods utilized by our experts ensure that the data is preserved in such a way that it is defensible in courts and in accordance with digital forensic best practices and industry standards.

Data Collection

Even if your matter is complex, with data in multiple locations and formats, our team has the people power and technology to comprehensively gather the relevant data for analysis.

Data Recovery

At the heart of digital forensics is data recovery. Regardless if the data has been deleted, manipulated, or corrupted, our team has the expertise to recover data in a forensically sound and defensible manner.

Forensic Analysis

Even if you recover mountains of data, it often needs to be analyzed, interpreted, and explained to stakeholders. We analyze every detail in our examinations and strive to explain these findings in plain language.

Expert Testimony

Our experts have the certifications, credentials, education, experience, and expert testimony history to serve as a credible expert witness in your case.

Many of our computer forensics examiners are certified as:

  • Magnet Forensics Certified Examiner (MCFE)
  • Certified Expert in Cyber Investigations (CECI)
  • Encase Certified Examiner (EnCE)
  • Digital Forensics Certified Practitioner (DFCP)
  • Certified Blacklight Examiner (CBE)
  • Certified Computer Examiner (CCE)
  • Certified Forensic Investigation Professional (CFIP)
  • Certified Mac Forensics Specialist (CMFS)
  • OSForensics Certified Examiner (OSFCE)
  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
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