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An earthquake is a catastrophe that can happen at any moment, at any time, without any notice or warning, which makes them particularly dangerous.

Major earthquakes have the potential to cause serious damage to structures and equipment, collapsed buildings and bridges, disrupt gas, electricity, and telephone services, and trigger other catastrophes such as mudslides, fires, and tsunamis.

Earthquake Damage Evaluation

Earthquake damage assessment can be complex due to the many factors that contribute to the strength and destructiveness of an earthquake.

Whether you require a civil or structural expert to evaluate damage to buildings, a mechanical or electrical engineer to evaluate destruction to equipment or electrical systems, or a geotechnical engineer to analyze geological contributions to a collapse, Envista's global team of engineering experts have decades of experience evaluating earthquake damage.

Our team has been appointed to thousands of earthquake claims occurring around the world and can assist you with:

  • Infrastructure and other structural failure investigations to identify cause and origin, estimation of damage, and cost analysis
  • Investigating system failures and other mechanical, electrical, or equipment damage or breakdowns
  • Geotechnical investigation including surface rupture, liquefaction, and ground displacement
  • Determining the extent of damage and providing repair or replacement valuation options
  • Evaluating the implications of new codes on reconstruction
  • Fire and explosion investigation
  • Aftermath catastrophe investigations and CAT response for landslides, mudslides, or tsunamis
  • 3D imaging and UAV site documentation for sites that are inaccessible or deemed unsafe, in challenging locations, or surrounding hazardous environments
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