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Over-Temperature to Data Center Equipment

02 March 2022

Data storage equipment, computer servers, and networking equipment in a bank’s data center were reportedly subjected to adverse operating conditions due to elevated temperatures.  The data center has two cooling systems, which rotate running and cooling, while the other is off and not in use. In this case, when the primary chiller stopped running to allow the other to take over as scheduled, the secondary chiller did not come on as it was supposed to and cool the space.

Following this over-temperature event, where temperatures were in excess of the allowable range, the bank claimed over $4.5M for a full replacement of the affected data center equipment.

Equipment Consulting

Envista completed an onsite inspection to evaluate the claimed equipment and obtain information regarding the temperatures reached. Our Equipment Consulting team inventoried the equipment and confirmed the loss-related issues encountered. It was discovered that two power supplies in two different servers had failures. Additionally, we obtained and reviewed historical data logs, confirming the over-temperature event lasted approximately two hours.  

Most of the equipment powered off to protect itself as designed, dropping 50 degrees from operating temperature to storage temperature.  Once the equipment was powered on after the temperature was within the normal range, it operated with only minor issues with the items noted above. The equipment was operational within six hours following the claimed loss and was still in operation 11 months after the loss when the claim was closed.

Invoices were obtained to replace the identified damaged components for about $360. Additionally, a power supply and fan module were claimed as damaged but replaced under warranty at no cost to the insured. 

The investigation and evidence gathered by Envista’s team supported that the equipment did not call for a full replacement. 

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Jared Fegan
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