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Tire, Wheel, and Brake Failure Analysis

A tire/wheel and its braking mechanism form an intricate and complex system that can be prone to failure if not maintained properly. Tire, wheel, and brake failures or defects can cause a vehicle to lose control and may contribute to serious collisions, injuries, and even fatalities. Tire, wheel, and brake-related defects are often related to age, poor maintenance or manufacturing, improper mounting or installation, overheating or misuse, impacts (with other vehicles or objects), or human error.

Often, a tire or brake issue will only become apparent after a collision or similar loss has occurred. Some people are quick to blame mechanical components for the issue. Envista can step in and determine if the issue was pre-existing or if the issue occurred because of the collision. For example, we can determine whether a vehicle was rear-ended because the other vehicle's brake system was inoperable, or if the brake system was inoperable because of the collision.

Envista's experts are well versed in the manufacturing, operation, and regulatory requirements for tire, wheel, and brake systems. Our forensic mechanics are trained in the analysis and determination of pre-existing mechanical failures.

Tire and Wheel Failure Analysis

Our tire and wheel failure analyses and forensic services include:

  • Failure analysis of remaining tire components
  • Wheel separations from moving vehicles
  • Sudden air loss and deflation/blowouts
  • Mismatching of lug nuts and wheel, or wheel and tire components
  • Tread separation
  • Age defects and regulatory requirements
  • Valve mechanics and cyclical failure

Brake Failure Analysis

Our brake failure analyses and forensic services include:

  • Loss of hydraulic or pneumatic pressure; cause of the pressure loss
  • Brake requirements and a minimum standard of care
  • Anti-lock braking system (ABS) examination
  • Faulty brake lines (worn or rusted ABS cables)
  • Influence of contaminants in the brake system
  • Vehicle stopping distance with proper brakes vs. incident brakes
  • Desk review of mechanical examinations

Tire, Wheel, and Brake Failure Experts Witness

Our team at Envista Forensics comprises highly skilled professionals specializing in tire, wheel, and brake failure analysis. We offer expert witness services in the field of forensic engineering, providing invaluable insights into complex cases. Our expertise includes:

1. Tire Failure Analysis Expert Witness

Our tire failure analysis experts are well-versed in examining the intricacies of tire-related incidents. With a wealth of experience, they serve as authoritative witnesses, delivering comprehensive insights in legal proceedings.

2. Forensic Tire Expert

Envista Forensics is home to forensic tire experts who bring a deep understanding of the science behind tire failures. Our experts employ cutting-edge methodologies to investigate and analyze incidents, offering clarity in challenging forensic scenarios.

3. Brake Failure Expert Witness

When it comes to brake failures, our team stands out as leading experts in forensic engineering. Our brake failure expert witnesses provide reliable testimony based on thorough analysis, contributing crucial information to legal cases.

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