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Forensic Locksmithing

According to the FBI, there have been over 700,000 thefts of motor vehicles nationwide over the last couple of years, adding up to over $1 billion in losses. In the unfortunate event of theft or burglary, a certified forensic locksmith can collect evidence and help you figure out what happened.

Envista's forensic locksmithing experts can analyze lock and key wear characteristics, tool and pick markings, and lock components as well as perform microscopic examinations to show how an action occurred in vehicle thefts, accidents, trespassing incidents, and more.

Auto Theft

Envista can help victims of auto theft recover evidence for various types of incidents involving criminal behavior. The duties of a forensic locksmith go beyond the lock mechanism itself. In breaking and entering cases, scientifically verifiable evidence can identify the skill level of a burglar, their means of entry, if lock or key systems were compromised, and the complexity of a security system.

Our certified forensic locksmith experts have extensive knowledge, experience, and expertise in investigating vehicle locks, theft, and trespassing. Our team can use scientific methodology to determine:

  • Mode of entry
  • Mode of the last operation
  • If or how the vehicle was operated without a properly cut or transponder-coded key
  • Pre-incident mechanical condition through mechanical analyses of vehicles
  • Vehicle infotainment system acquisitions which provide dates, times, and locations of vehicle events
  • Event Data Recorder (black box) information
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