Construction Defect


Finding the right expert to evaluate the design of a defective construction project is critical to a successful resolution. Envista's experts have worked on construction projects across the globe, across all markets and industry sectors, including infrastructure, commercial, energy, marine, and residential.  By evaluating and reviewing loss details, we assemble the propose the best team, with the right experts, based on the specifics of the matter at hand.  No project is the same, and Envista approaches each case based on its own merits.  

Construction Defect Claims

First and foremost, we are subject matter experts, and we understand the importance of having the best expert from the onset.  Envista’s experts have backgrounds from all facets of engineering and construction. Whether the loss is a deficiency resulting from poor engineering design, means and methods of installation, building material selection, sequencing, standard of care, building code interpretation, construction  accidents, or maintenance and operation, Envista's construction defect expert are experienced with managing all stages of the investigation: from rapidly responding to requests and assembling a multi-disciplinary team of experts with requisite experience, prompt initial site inspection, providing relevant expert opinions, evaluating causation and liability, to providing support throughout litigation including expert witness testimony.  

The global team of experts at Envista Forensics is dedicated to being impartial, and accurately and cost-effectively documenting and presenting the facts. 

Global Reach 

With our experts' ability to collaborate with peers across various continents, there is never a shortage of industry-leading experts to ensure the opinions we provide our clients are valid, accurate, and complete.  

Construction Defect Expert 

Envista's experts have a vast background and experience with various specialties from forensic engineering, to design, geotechnical, mechanical and electrical investigations, and building systems. They have tangible real-world experience with the construction process, from conception and design, construction and completion, and allegations of defective construction that follows.  Our experts have worked on thousands of construction matters of all sizes and scopes, including design and construction, and forensic evaluations ranging from small, single-family residential developments, to complex, billion dollar projects.  

Certainty comes from more than a report, and our experts know that. 

We offer comprehensive evaluations, reporting and consultation to help clients understand allegations from varying perspectives of damage, causation, liability, and allocation.  Moreover, we help educate our clients as to bases of allegations, cause of damage or failures, what could have prevented them, who was responsible, and guidance on next steps. We walk clients through the process with clear communications, complete analyses, and explanations and findings, and when the matter moves to litigation, the same experienced experts can provide support through the litigation process serving as your testifying expert through mediation, arbitration, settlement conferences, and/or deposition and trial. Our extensive client portfolio and retention on assignments make us a leader in this field. We employ the best in the industry, with services in:  

Construction Defect Services

  • ADA Compliance
  • Architectural/Design Review & Analysis
  • Building Consulting/Cost Estimating  
  • Building Envelope Analysis 
  • Code Compliance Assessment (All Disciplines)
  • Damage Assessment/Evaluation 
  • Drone Investigation 
  • Destructive Testing & Laboratory Analysis
  • Equipment Loss Consulting 
  • Errors & Omissions/ Design Deficiencies 
  • Fire Protection Engineering 
  • Geotechnical/Soils Evaluation 
  • Origin & Cause 
  • Material Defect/ Metallurgical Analysis 
  • Means and Methods in Construction Sequencing 
  • Mechanical/Electrical System Analyses 
  • MEP Building Systems 
  • Standard of Care 
  • Utility System Evaluation
  • Verification of Plans/ Specifications 

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