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PT&C|LWG Forensic Consulting Announces Corporate Rebranding

Atlanta – 03 January 2017

ATLANTA -- Jan. 1, 2017 -- PT&C|LWG Forensic Consulting announced today that the company has changed its name to Envista Forensics. This new brand captures the essence of the Company’s strength in investigation and conveys their global forensic consulting capabilities. 

In December 2014, PT&C|LWG Forensic Consulting was formed when Atlanta-based PT&C Forensics acquired Northbrook, Ill. based LWG Consulting. Both industry leading forensic engineering firms providing consulting services to the insurance and legal industries, the PT&C|LWG brand facilitated the smooth, global integration of two extremely successful organizations.

CEO Grover Davis said, “Two years ago, when PT&C and LWG joined forces, we believed it to be critically important that we convey to our clients, and especially to our associates, that we were one company and one brand with a common culture predicated on serving our clients with a sense of urgency. We believe that our combining the brands of these two great companies, at least for a period of time, coupled with our continued growth, successfully accomplished this. Now that we have had these two years to demonstrate that we truly are one company, it is time to take the next step. Our new brand, Envista Forensics, captures the essence of who we are, and who we continue to aspire to be.”

As PT&C|LWG, the organization has made exceptional progress including:

  • • Focused, strategic growth of their Canadian operations.
  • • Expansion of their successful digital forensics practice, through the May 2016 acquisition of Raleigh, N.C. based Guardian Digital Forensics.
  • • Investments in internal finance, accounting and customer relationship management systems to ensure the successful continued growth of the organization.

Bob Wedoff, President of the firm, shared, “With its subtle reference to providing a clear view, our new name affirms our mission to provide ‘Certainty in an Uncertain World.’ The arc in our logo is clearly a nod to the proud history of our company, but its pairing with the checkmark announces our commitment not only to be the global choice for forensics, but also to be the employer of choice for smart, talented individuals who desire to serve others when it is most needed.”

About Envista Forensics

Envista Forensics is a global leader in forensic engineering and recovery solutions. We provide failure analysis, fire and explosion investigations, digital forensics, accident reconstruction, building consulting, geotechnical engineering, damage evaluations and equipment restoration services following disasters of all kinds. Envista has served the insurance, legal and risk management industries for over 30 years. Our experts travel globally from over 30 offices located across Canada, the USA, Latin America, the U.K., Singapore and New Zealand.

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